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Nutritionist Rancho Cucamonga |

Heather Mcallister
Nutritional Consultant
Personal Trainer

Nutritionist in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca and Surrounding Cities

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-Nutritionist In Rancho Cucamonga
-B.S. Health Science / Nutrition And Food Science
-AFFA Certified Personal Trainer
-L.E.A.N. Founder
-Licensed in CA. as A Nutrition Consultant
-Published Health Columnist
-Maddog Spinning Instructor Certification
-IDEA Member -Sport Yoga Certified
-CPR Certified
-NPC Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor 

I have been studying health, fitness and have been a nutritionist in Rancho Cucamonga for several years. I have been involved in sports, nutrition, weight management, fitness and public speaking, culminating in a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science / Nutrition And Food Science from San Jose State University. I possess extensive knowledge in issues dealing with childhood obesity and have created a program plan for overweight and obese children for the city of San Jose, I hold a certificate from AFFA for personal training, have been a cycling instructor, a member of IDEA, and other health related organizations, In addition to my nutritional studies and personal training, I have written multiple articles on health related topics for a regional weekly magazine, as well as conducted research studies and written multiple scholarly papers. I am constantly reviewing and analyzing scientific research for the most current and accurate health information. I have a passion for helping people, promoting health and fitness, and motivate my clients to reach and exceed their goals of a happier and healthier way for life.